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You can use Activity Tracing to record the processing steps that take place in the system when a user carries out an action. You can display the results in the Log Viewer of the J2EE Engine and analyze them for performance information and errors.

If you activate activity tracing, TREX processing steps that take place internally are also recorded. TREX data is particularly useful if you want to analyze actions such as searching, classifying, or creating an index.

You have to carry out additional steps to be able to view the TREX data in the log viewer. These steps are described below.

  • The log viewer server must be installed and configured.

  • You need an open share or mount for accessing the TREX SAT files (and trace or log files).

  • By default, the TREX activity traces are located on the TREX host under <TREX_DIR>\<trex_hostname>\trace\. You need at least read access to this directory from the portal host. If you have a distributed TREX installation, you need this access for all TREX hosts.