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Java applications that use TREX communicate with the TREX servers using HTTP/HTTPS by means of a Web server that has TREX-specific functions. After installing TREX, you have to configure the TREX Web server so that your Java application can access TREX.


You must have installed a Web server to use a TREX Web server for HTTP communication with the application using TREX:

  • UNIX: Apache Web Server

    The TREX delivery includes an Apache Web server. The TREX installation process installs this server in the <TREX_DIR>/Apache directory.

  • Windows: Internet Information Server (IIS)

    • TREX only supports Windows IIS Version 6.0 or higher.

    • The TREX delivery does not contain the Internet Information Server (IIS), so you have to install an IIS 6.0 on your TREX host before configuring the TREX Web server.


      Make sure that the IIS is running correctly. Activate the World Wide Web Publishing Service, IIS Admin Service, and HTTP SSL in the Windows Services tool. Make sure that the Default Web Site runs on the IIS: To check whether this is the case, navigate to Control Start of the navigation path Pane Next navigation step Administrative Tools Next navigation step Computer Management Next navigation step Services and Applications Next navigation step Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. End of the navigation path.

    • In a distributed TREX landscape, the password for the <sapsid>adm user must be identical on all hosts. This is also the case for the SAPService<SAPSID> user.

  1. Start the TREX admin tool (standalone).

    (See: Starting the TREX Admin Tool).

  2. In the Landscape Connectivity window, go to the http tab page.

  3. Choose Refresh.

  4. Choose Add HttpServer.

    The Set Admin User and Password window appears.


    During the subsequent configuration steps, the system repeatedly asks you for the password for the <SAPSID>adm user and the SAP system service user ( SAPService<SAPSID>).These users and corresponding passwords were created during the TREX installation process.

    Various error messages appear in the Configuration Status area of the window, telling you that the TREX Web server is not yet fully configured.

  5. Choose Repair All.

    The Set Admin User and Password window appears.

  6. Choose Repair All again.

    • The Set SAPService <SAPSID> window appears.

    • The Set Admin User and Password window appears.

    • The Repair Results window appears and confirms that the system correctly created a TREX Web site and application pool.

    • The Set Admin User and Password window appears.

  7. Choose Save to save your settings. Choose Reset to restore the previous settings.


You have successfully configured the TREX Web server when the message No problems found appears in the Configuration Status area of the screen and a green traffic light appears.