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Enabling CPE Support for TREX SecurityLocate this document in the navigation structure


To enable CPE (Central Patch Environment) support for TREX security, you use the sapcpe program. It takes care of the automatic synchronization of executables and copies them from the central directory into the local directory for executable files. The program sapcpe ensures automatic adjustment of locally installed executables, if changes have been made to the executables on the central instance. When you restart the TREX instance using command startsap, the program sapcpe is automatically called. At all subsequent start ups, sapcpe checks that the local executables are still current and copies any new or altered executables from the central directory.

If sapcpe finds any of the following files in the central executables directory, then it copies only the executables that are listed in these files to the local directory: instance.lst, instancedb.lst, tools.lst, inhouse.lst, frontend.lst, dbclient.lst, igsexe.lst. The instance profile manages calls to sapcpe.

For more information, see:

  • Functions of the Automatic Synchronization

  • Program sapcpe

To enable CPE support for TREX security you have to create a file named trexsnc.lst in the central directory for executables:

  • Windows: <drive>:usr\SAP\<SAPSID>\SYS\exe\nuc\<OS>

  • UNIX: usr/SAP/<SAPSID>/SYS/exe/nuc/<OS>

  1. Go to the SAP system profile directory of your TREX installation.

    • UNIX: /<SAP System Mount Directory>/<sapsid>/profile

    • Windows: <SAPGLOBALHOST>\sapmnt\<SAPSID>\SYS\profile

  2. Open the TREX start profile START_TRX<instance_number>_<host>.

  3. Check the value for the profile parameter DIR_CT_RUN which specifies the central directory for executables:

    • Windows: <drive>:usr\SAP\<SAPSID>\SYS\exe\nuc\<OS>

    • UNIX: usr/SAP/<SAPSID>/SYS/exe/nuc/<OS>

  4. Create a file named trexsnc.lst in this directory.

    The file trexsnc.lst has to contain the following list of files for sapcpe:

TREX Files for SAPCPE in the File trexsnc.lst










Next time TREX starts, all files listed in trexsnc.lst are copied from the central directory for executables to the local TREX directory for executables, so that the cryptography tool SAPGEPSE can find them there during runtime:

  • Windows: <drive>:usr\SAP\<SAPSID>\SYS\TRX<instance_number>\exe

  • UNIX: usr/SAP/<SAPSID>/SYS/TRX<instance_number>/exe