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Data Backup and Restore for TREXLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can back up Search and Classification (TREX), and restore the TREX installation using the backup version if problems occur (backup and restore).


You can back up and restore TREX in the following ways:

  • Data Backup (Online) and Restore

    You back up TREX indexes and queues online using Python scripts without stopping TREX and while the TREX search continues to be available. You then restore the saved data offline. This is the usual way to back up TREX data. It is a good idea to back up the TREX indexes if the original index creation process took a long time and you want to avoid having to reindex if the full-text information is lost. SAP also recommends that you back up your data if a large number of documents have been added to an index since the original indexing process.

  • Complete Data Backup and Restore (Offline)

    You back up a complete TREX installation (TREX indexes and configuration) offline and restore it again. You do this only in special circumstances, particularly to back up the settings in a TREX configuration. In this case, the complete data backup and restore of the TREX installation can take the place of a new installation.