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Response pages with HTTP error code 404 ( not found) are stored as UFOs ( “unfound objects”) in the cache (entered in the UFO List), and from then on the error page is sent to the client from the cache.

You can use this parameter to treat other HTTP error codes as UFOs (for instance, 500, internal server error).


Work area

Internet Communication Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher


Character string

Standard value


Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

The character string is enclosed in quotation marks and contains HTTP error codes separated by commas.

Normally only those objects that have triggered the HTTP error code 404 ( not found) in the back-end are included in the UFO list.



icm/HTTP/server_cache_0/ufo_codelist = 404,500

means that also requests that triggered error 500 (( internal server error) in the back-end are included in the UFO list. This means they are not in the back-end any longer.


If you have created your own error pages for HTTP error codes, these are put into the cache, and from then on they are made available from the cache.