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You use this parameter to configure the ICM Server Cache . You specify the URI prefix and the target directory.


Work area

Internet Communication Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher


Character string

Standard value


Windows: PREFIX=/, CACHEDIR=$(DIR_DATA)\\cache

Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

The parameter has the following syntax:

icm/HTTP/server_cache_<xx> = PREFIX=<uri-prefix>, CACHEDIR=<dir>

The options have the following meaning:

  • <xx> stands for the number of the entry being specified. Several assignments between the URL prefix and the cache directory, numbered in ascending order from 0, can be specified.


    If you are working with several caches, you must use different directories.

  • All HTTP URIs that begin with the <uri-prefix> character string are channeled through the ICM Server Cache. This is to check whether a suitable HTTP response to the request already exists in the ICM cache. If this is the case, the response can be sent directly (in other words, without passing through the SAP application server) from the cache to the HTTP client (browser).

  • <dir> is the full file system path of the directory (in the local file system of the relevant application server) in which the data stored in the cache can be saved. You can a relative or an absolute path name.


icm/HTTP/server_cache_0= PREFIX=/foo/bar, CACHEDIR=/usr/cachedir

This channels via the cache in the directory /usr/cachedir all HTTP requests whose URI path begins with /foo/bar .

Standard value

icm/HTTP/server_cache_0 = PREFIX=/, CACHEDIR=$(DIR_DATA)/cache

The presetting dictates that all HTTP requests (prefix / ) are channeled via the cache located in the standard DIR_DATA directory on the application server.

More Information

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