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With this parameter you can limit the maximum size of the data buffers fragmented on the network for all the documents coming from the cache.

This means larger objects are split into smaller packets on their way to the browser or Web dispatcher, thereby preventing timeouts in which the receiver would have to wait too long for the arrival of a package that is too large.


Work area

Internet Communication Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher: Server cache


Integer value (bytes)

Standard value


Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

The valid value range is between 0 and 42949672954294967295.

Meaningful values are between 0.5 kilobyte (about 500000) and 10 megabytes (about 10000000).

SAP Recommendation

Only use the parameter if you have these problems.. Normally the server cache operates with the standard setting 0 (no maximum fragmentation size).

More Information

Note the following documentation associated with this parameter:

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