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This parameter sets the size of the ICM Server Cache in megabytes.


Work area

Internet Communication Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher


Integer value

Standard value

400 (MB)

Dynamically changeable



Value Range and Syntax

You can set values between 10 MB and 4000 (4GB).


Rule of Thumb for Calculating (Virtual) Memory Requirement:

memory_needed = 2 * (2N + U) * M + S * 100000 Bytes


N = icm/HTTP/server_cache_<x>/max_entries

M = icm/HTTP/server_cache_<xx>/max_name_len

U = icm/HTTP/server_cache_<xx>/max_ufo_entries

S = icm/HTTP/server_cache_<xx>/memory_size_MB

The memory required consists of:

  • The space required for the (2 * (2N + U) * M) Index; the multiplications by 2 come from the implementation. In Unicode systems, the requirement is approximately twice as high.

  • The space required for the actual data in the cache (images, style sheet, and so on) ( S * 100000 bytes, because S is specified in megabytes)

More Information

Note the following documentation associated with this parameter: