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This parameter specifies the number of worker threads that the ICM tried to keep free. As a result, it can quickly respond to incoming client requests one after another. This is only possible if the ICM has not created the maximum number of threads (parameter icm/max_threads).

You can also use this parameter to set up a "buffer" of spare threads.


Work area

Internet Communication Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher


Integer value

Standard value


Dynamically changeable


Value Range and Syntax

You can set values between 0 and 100.

SAP Recommendation


You must set the parameter clearly less than icm/max_threads!


The ICM starts with 20 threads (= icm/min_threads), but can create a maximum of 100 (= icm/max_threads) and icm/min_spare_threads is set to 5.

At the start, 20 threads are available. If more than 15 threads are occupied by requests, the ICM creates new threads. This continues until there are 100 threads, when the ICM cannot create any new ones. From this point, the "buffer" of 5 threads can no longer be guaranteed. All 100 threads are used for requests.