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Searching and Browsing Service DefinitionsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can find if a service definition is registered in Services Registry in one of the following ways:

  • If you know something specific about the service such as its name or state, you can use this information to perform a search in Services Registry.

    In case you regularly perform a specific search, you can save the search query and then just load it when you want to perform the same search again.

  • If you know how the service is classified, you can find it by browsing the classification hierarchy.

  • Services Registry has been configured.

    More information: Configuring the Services Registry .

  • The user account you use to search and browse service definitions is assigned to one of the following combinations of roles:


    • SERVICES_REGISTRY_READ_WRITE and also one of the following: UDDI_TierN or UDDI_Admin

    For more information, see Services Registry Roles .


Accessing Services Registry

  1. Enter an address in the following format in a browser to access the central Services Registry:

    http://<hostname>:<port>/sr_central .

  2. Choose Service Definitions.

Searching Service Definitions by Name, System, or State

  1. Choose Search .

  2. If you know the name of the service definition you are looking for, enter it in the Find field.

    If you do not know the exact name of the service definition, you can use wildcards to substitute part of the name. When you want to substitute any number of characters you can use an asterisk (*). When you want to substitute only one character you can use a question mark (?). If you use an asterisk only, the search returns all service definitions available.

  3. Use one or more of the following search options to improve the search results:

    • In Search by you can specify where the system should search for the name you entered.

      Choose Internal Name to find a service definition by name or technical name (in ABAP). If you choose Free Text , you can search all text using TREX, provided that it is installed.

    • Use the System list if you want to search for service definitions available on a particular system.

    • Use the State list if you want to search for service definitions in a particular state.

      For more information about service states, see Publishing Service Definitions Using the Services Registry .

    • If you want to find a service that uses a specific classification system, choose Advanced .

      You can choose one or multiple entries by copying them from the Available Classifications table on the left-hand side to the Selected Classification table on the right-hand side.

Searching with Saved Search Queries

When you search by name, system, state, or classification, you can save the currently entered search details. The system saves the search query for your user account, so that you can use it later when you need to perform the same search again. You can use the search queries in the following ways:

  • To create a new search query, enter the necessary details as described above, choose Start of the navigation path My Search Next navigation step Save End of the navigation path, and enter a name and description for the new query.

  • To search for service definitions with one of the available queries, choose Start of the navigation path My Search Next navigation step Load End of the navigation path, select a search query from the list, and choose Go to start the search.

  • To delete a search query you do not need any more, choose Start of the navigation path My Search Next navigation step Load End of the navigation path, select the query, and choose Delete .

Searching Service Definitions by Browsing Classifications

  1. Choose Browse .

  2. Select classification group.

    The Select Classification list displays all classifications whose type is Group or Hierarchy.

  3. Select a physical system where you want to perform the search.

  4. Expand the classification hierarchy to locate the service definition you need.


The system displays the search results in a table. This table can display a predefined number of results. In case the result of your search is greater than this number you can do one of the following:

You can choose a service definition in the table, view detailed information about it, and modify it if necessary. For more information, see Managing Service Definitions .