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Using the Impact Analyzer, you can check which users and roles are affected by the activation of a business function. The changes in programs and transactions (a new input field, for example) affect certain users and roles only after the respective business function is activated.


Here, "roles" refers to the roles defined in transaction PFCG.

The Impact Analyzer report SFW_IMPACT_ANALYZER can be started independently, or you can access it from the Impact Analyzer menu in transaction SFW5.


Business Function Selection

You can use the following options to select business functions for analysis:

Field Description

Business Function

Here you can search for business functions by name.

Activation Date

You see a list of all business functions activated within the specified time frame.


You can restrict the search for business functions by release.

Only Planned

Only business functions intended to be activated are analyzed, if you select this indicator.


You can use the following options to modify the display of the search results:

Field Description


A list of business functions together with the affected roles, users and applications.


To switch to the detailed view, select the business function and choose the Display Detail pushbutton.

Detailed View

Detailed information roles, users and applications affected by the respective business functions


You can add or hide columns in the current display by changing the layout settings.