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SAP NetWeaver Portal supplies a default rule collection object named Master Rule Collection ( main_rules ). The portal runtime analyzes the display rules defined in this object to determine which portal desktop to provide to users when they log on to the portal.

Location in Portal Catalog: Start of the navigation path Portal Content Next navigation step Portal Administrators Next navigation step Super Administrators Next navigation step Master Rule Collection End of the navigation path ( pcd:portal_content/administrator/super_admin/main_rules ).


Do not delete or move this rule collection object. Without this object, the portal runtime cannot assign a desktop to users logging on to the portal.

If you are using additional rule collection objects, you must add them to the Master Rule Collection object as nested conditions for them to take effect.

By default, the Master Rule Collection contains the following condition:

IF User = *

THEN portal desktop = pcd:portal_content/every_user/general/defaultAjaxframeworkContent/

This is a generalized condition (where the parameter type User is defined as a wildcard value) that assigns the default portal desktop supplied with the portal (see Default Portal Desktop ) to any user logging on to the portal.

Typically, this condition should be maintained as the last condition in the Master Rule Collection , thus providing a fallback option if the rule collection does not specify a desktop assignment for every possible user or scenario. Nevertheless, if the portal is unable to resolve a portal desktop for a given user based on the defined display rules, even without this condition, the default portal desktop object is automatically displayed for the user.