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 Adding Menu Entries with JavaScriptLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can insert new entries in the context menu using JavaScript calls.


With the JavaScript function sapbi_addToMenu you can enhance the context menu with additional entries.

The parameters belonging to the above JavaScript function are listed below:

Parameter Description


Labeling text in the menu



JavaScript Function for Processing the Command

You implement this function in JavaScript and use it to execute commands after you have selected the menu entry.


Free parameter

This parameter is passed to the JavaScript function 'func' and you can evaluate it there as required. The parameter allows you to use a function 'func' for more than one menu entry.



' ' = No restriction


'CHARACTERISTIC' = Characteristic


'CHARACTERISTIC_VALUE' = Characteristic value


'STRUCTURE' = Structure


'STRUCTURE_MEMBER = Structural component


'DATA' = Data cell


'EXCEPTIONS' = Exceptions item


'CONDITIONS' = Conditions item


'DOCUMENT_LIST' = Document list item

Context of the entry

If you want the menu entry to appear only in certain contexts and not in all context menus, you can define this with 'cell_type' and 'filter'.



Context of the entry

Different values are suitable, depending on the value of 'cell_type':


'EXCEPTIONS': Exception ID

'CONDITIONS': Condition ID


See the example under Command Processing




Position of the entry

'TOP' = Before the "normal" entries

'BOTTOM' = After the "normal" entries

The entries are inserted in the order in which they were called up. You can choose whether the entry is to appear before the "normal" entries or after them in the menu. You cannot position the entries in between the "normal" entries.



Name of the Data Provider

Name of the data provider (if the entry is to be made only for a specific data provider).



Name of the Web item

Name of the Web item (if the entry is to be made only for a specific Web item).