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Setting UDDI Keys Using the Key GeneratorLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can create keys for tModels, business entities, and business services. For this purpose, you can use a key generator when creating your components. Each one of them must have a unique identifying key and the generator helps you to create such key or a group of keys. The usage of the key generator is optional.

If you do not use the generator, the tModels, business entities and business services are created with random key names, for example, uddi:f353de80-f86b-11da-9d93-000a5e3cce 4 b .


  1. Choose Publish .

  2. Enter user name and password for the SAP NetWeaver AS for Java and choose OK.

    The page for publishing is loaded.

  3. Select Retrieve my TModels or My Businesses .

  4. Select Add .

    The system creates a new entry at the bottom of the table.

  5. Select the Generated UDDI key .

  6. In the Entity tab, select Set UDDI Key .

    A dialog box appears.

  7. For TModels, select the Use Keygenerator indicator.

    In the UDDI key field, the key name is displayed with the mandatory uddi prefix and keygenerator suffix.

  8. For tModels and MyBusinesses, enter a name and select OK .

  9. Select Save .

    The key generator is saved. Now, you can set keys to your components using this key generator.

  10. Select OK and then Save .