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Searching in the UDDI RegistryLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can search for business entities, business services, tModels, and binding templates in the local UDDI registry provided with AS Java installation.

You can search entities by key criteria such as entity name and language.

If you want to search an entity using more specific criteria such as categories or identifiers, or to filter the result more precisely, refer to Customizing the Search Results and Searching by Categories, Category Groups, or Identifiers .

  1. Choose Inquiry .

  2. From the dropdown list, select an entity type to browse.

  3. Enter name of the entity.

    If you do not know part of the name, enter the percent sign (%) as a substitute. If you enter the percent sign only, this returns all entities available.

  4. If you want, specify language of the entity.

    Language identifiers are defined by IETF RFC 3066.

  5. To customize the search result, you can specify:

    • Max Rows - the number of rows to be displayed.

      The display layout also depends on the settings made for the UDDI server.

      More information: Configuring Security Policy Properties

    • List Head - the number of the fist page of the result.

      For example, if you enter 5 , the first page to be displayed is the fifth page of the result.

  6. Choose Find .

    The result appears in a table format according to the criteria specified.

  7. Click on the UDDI key link to display details for the result.

Obtaining an Entity Directly

If you know the key of the component you are looking for, then choose Direct Access , enter the key, and choose Go . This returns the needed tModel, business entity, business service, or binding template you require.