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A business service represents a logical grouping of Web services. Each business service is part of a business entity. The business service contains descriptive information, such as names, descriptions, and classification information about the purpose of every Web service within the business service.

The business services do not provide any technical information about the Web services. All the technical data is provided with the tModels.


  1. Choose Publish .

  2. Enter user name and password for the SAP NetWeaver AS for Java and choose OK .

    The page for publishing is loaded.

  3. Choose Retrieve my Businesses.

    A list of all business entities that are published by your user to the registry is displayed.

  4. Select your business entity.

    A new screen is displayed with all details for the business entity.

  5. Choose Services .

    A list of all published business services is displayed.

  6. To create a business service, choose Add .

    A line is added to the bottom of the list with <Generated UDDI key> key name.

    • You can set the UDDI key.

      More information: Setting UDDI Keys Using the Key Generator

    • Choose Save .

      The business service is saved and a key is generated with a random name.

      The Save function is equal to Publish .


The system creates a business service and it is published to the UDDI registry.

You can add details to your business service.

More information: Adding General Details

You can add binding templates to your business service.

More information: Adding Binding Templates to Business Services