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Adding Binding Templates to Business ServicesLocate this document in the navigation structure


A business service is created.


A binding template is an entity that provides technical information needed by applications to bind and interact with the described Web services. Each binding template structure represents a separate Web service. The binding template must contain either an access point to the Web service or a mechanism that leads to the access point.

The access point is an attribute-qualified URI, typically a URL (but may be an electronic mail address or a telephone number), representing the network address of the Web services.


  1. Select a business entity.

    The details of your entity appear.

  2. Select Services and the name of the business services you are interested in.

  3. Select Binding Templates and choose Add .

    A new line is added with <Generated UDDI key> key name.

  4. In Entity info , set UDDI key .

  5. In Entity info , choose Set Access Point .

    A dialog box appears.

  6. Enter the necessary data:

    • Use Type - describes the type of the access point: endpoint, binding template, and so on.

      More information:

      1. Access Point Value - the URL to the type of the access point.

        For example, if the use type is endpoint, the access point value must point to the actual service endpoint, this is the network address at which the Web service can be called.

    • Select Instance Info .

      The instance info contains specific details for each tModel referenced.

  7. To add one or more tModels, choose Add .

    1. Enter a tModel key and description for each tModel that you want to refer to.

    2. In Service instance-specific details, enter the required data.

      This is tModel-specific settings or other descriptive information required either to describe a tModel-specific component of a service description or to support services that require additional technical data.

    3. In InstanceDetails Overview doc , choose Add and enter the required data.

      1. Use Type

      2. Overview URL

      3. Overview Docs Description

    4. Select Save .


The binding template is published to the UDDI registry.