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Configuring the Services Registry Using a Non-SAP UDDI ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure


The user account you use should be assigned to the SAP_JAVA_WS_ADMIN_TEC role. For more information, see Authorizations .


To use the Services Registry with a non-SAP UDDI server, you have to create a logical port that points to this server.


For more information about interoperability scenarios with non-SAP UDDI servers, see SAP Note 1277970 Information published on SAP site.


  1. To start SAP NetWeaver Administrator, enter the following address in a Web browser:


  2. Choose Start of the navigation path SOA Next navigation step Technical Configuration Next navigation step Destination Template Management End of the navigation path.

  3. Select UDDI_DESTINATION_V11 and choose Edit .

  4. In the General tab in the URL field, adjust the WSDL URL of the UDDI server to the one of the non-SAP UDDI server.

  5. In the Security tab, make sure the authentication is set to HTTP Authentication and Logon Ticket .