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Configuring Services Registry Search SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have logged on to SAP NetWeaver Administrator using the following address: http://[host]:[port]/nwa

  • The user account you use to configure Services Registry is assigned to the NWA_SUPERADMIN role. For more information, see User Management of the Application Server Java .


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  2. Configure the number of search results returned:

    • You can set the amount of search results returned by Services Registry and the classification service when searching for service definitions and classifications respectively.

      The maximum number of search results displayed in the Services Registry user interface is 100, even if more service definitions than this are found. However, other tools that access the Services Registry are able to display more than 100 service definitions.

    • If you have TREX available in your system landscape, you can configure TREX settings.

      • To change the current index name, enter a new name in the TREX current index field and select Update TREX .

        TREX then builds a second index. It is possible to switch from one index to the other at runtime.

      • To test the connection to TREX select Test Connection .

  3. Save the changes.