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Managing Secure Store DataLocate this document in the navigation structure


This procedure enables you to administer the secure store data of the AS Java system. You can also provide additional encryption of the secure store content.

  • Make sure your AS Java is provided with the IAIK package.

  • Make sure your JDK is provided with JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files by Sun Microsystems and they are installed on each used JRE.

  • Start the Config Tool by double-clicking the configtool script file in <SAP_install_dir>/<system_name>/<instance_name>/j2ee/configtool directory.


Encrypting the Secure Store


To be allowed to enter a secure store key phrase, your AS Java needs to be stopped.

  1. To manage the secure store, choose Start of the navigation path cluster Next navigation step Secure Store End of the navigation path.

  2. If the prerequisites are fulfilled, the Encrypt Store button is enabled. Choose it to encrypt the secure store content.

  3. If your AS Java is stopped, in the dialog window, select the checkbox corresponding to AS Java is stopped .

  4. Enter a key phrase for encrypting. You cannot change the default key file location.

  5. Choose OK .

  6. Choose Apply Changes.

    Dialog window Encrypting appears showing the encrypting progress bar.

  7. When ready, a Logs window informs you about the success of the secure store migration and shows in which directory the secure store files are backed up.


    Every time you back up the secure store, the files are migrated in a directory whose name corresponds to the relevant time stamp.

Changing a Key Phrase


To be allowed to change your secure store key phrase, your AS Java needs to be stopped.

  1. If the secure store content is already encrypted, choose the Change Key Phrase button.

  2. Make sure that the AS Java is stopped checkbox is selected.

  3. In the dialog window, enter the new key phrase. You cannot change the key file location.

  4. Choose OK .

  5. Choose Apply Changes.

Editing the Secure Store Data

  1. Choose Connection Pools .

  2. Select a property and edit its value.

  3. If you want to add another property, choose Add .

  4. Enter the relevant key and value.

  5. Choose Apply Changes.

Removing a Property

  1. Select a property.

  2. Choose Remove .

  3. Choose Apply Changes.