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SAP DemoContent for Features provides complete example scenarios for selected OLAP functions and for BW Integrated Planning. These example scenarios aim to give you a comprehensive view of complex OLAP functions and planning scenarios so that you can use them effectively and lucratively. The scenarios already contain all objects (InfoProviders with master data and transaction data and queries) that you need in order to execute the various functions.


You are authorized to use transaction RSFC.


SAP DemoContent for Features is delivered with technical content. You can use transaction RSFC to call SAP DemoContent for Features.

Every SAP DemoContent example scenario contains predefined objects, such as InfoProviders, queries and workbooks. You have to activate the scenario in question to be able to execute queries on the InfoProviders.

The activation causes the system to perform the following steps:

  • The delivery version (D version) of the object is transferred into the active version (A version)
  • Master data delivered with the scenario (attributes, texts, and hierarchies) and transaction data are loaded to the InfoProviders

For each example scenario, you can use the Info pushbutton to call documentation containing further information about the business background for the scenario, the OLAP function or the planning scenario, and the objects used.


The namespace of objects always begins with the character string 0D_FC.

The following sample scenarios are available:

  • Analytic manager (OLAP features)
    • Constant selection
    • Slow-moving item report
    • Temporal hierarchy join
    • Exception aggregation
    • Conditions
    • Elimination of internal business volume
    • Local aggregation
    • Variables
    • Virtual time hierarchy
  • BW-Integrated Planning
    • Disaggregation
    • Input-ready rows
    • Input-ready cells
    • Units (currencies/amounts)
    • Lock behavior
    • Access type for result values (combination proposal)

In addition to the sample scenarios for the Analytic Manager and for BW Integrated Planning, you can also use a sample scenario of the SAP NetWeaver Demo Model. This scenario familiarizes you with the tools and features of SAP NetWeaver. It consists of two InfoCubes, a MultiProvider and several queries. The InfoProvider contains revenue and planning data of a fictitious company (ITelO Company). You can execute the queries directly after activating them.