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Application Context

Web designers and ABAP programmers can use the Custom ExtensionWeb item to create highly individualized Web applications. This Web item makes it possible to display information based on the current navigational state or the result set of a data provider.

ABAP function modules can be read to read data from other sources, while data from other SAP systems can be read using Remote Function Calls (RFC). The status of a data provider can also be used as input parameters when calling the ABAP function modules.

You can use the Custom ExtensionWeb item to add your own HTML, based on a data provider or independently. You can also use this Web item to insert JavaScript into Web templates.


Note the following restrictions and special features when using this Web item:

  • This interface is not for implementing your own pivot tables like you could with the AnalysisWeb item. 
  • SAP does not recommend this procedure if you want to make minor changes to tables.
  • Some requirements for formatted reports can be implemented using Enterprise Reporting. More information: Enterprise Reporting
  • The HTML must correspond with the design of the standardized BEx Web items. There is no tool and coding support for the generation of HTML in ABAP. You can use SAP style classes, but we reserve the right to make changes.


  • You can use the CustomExtensionWeb item for any of the following purposes:
  • Implementation of an ABAP class that displays HTML, JavaScript or PDF (for export to a PDF file)

    Displaying PDF is not supported at present.

  • Using the current navigational state (including any variables) and/or the result set of one or more data providers
  • Using Web item parameters defined in the Web template; these parameters can be changed using commands
  • Displaying all information that can be called using ABAP and Remote Function Calls (RFC), like information from databases or other SAP systems

Process Flow

  • To use the Custom Extension Web item, work through out the following steps.
    1. Create an ABAP class for the Custom Extension Web item
    2. Create a Web template that you can integrate the Custom ExtensionWeb item into.
    3. Specify the ABAP class as a parameter of the Custom Extension Web item.

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