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If you do not want to use the default display and behavior of the Analysis Web item, you can use the Modification parameter to change them. You can modify the table structure and the table cells.

The Modification parameter provides modules whose use can be controlled using additional parameters.

This function enables you to use similar options to those available in earlier releases with the Web Design API for Tables. Unlike the Web Design API for Tables, modifications enable you to make targeted changes to the display and behavior without any programming.


The modules are the main prerequisites for making modifications to the Analysis Web item. The modules are implemented in Java. The SAP Basis infrastructure in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 does not support any customer modifications or extensions to Java coding. Customers are therefore not able to develop their own modules for modifications to the Analysis Web item.

SAP delivers a number of sample modules. You can use parameters to modify the display and behavior of these modules.


Note that the modification modules use and manipulate the standard implementation of the Analysis Web item.  This may mean that specific requirements are not met. SAP tries to eliminate any potential problems. However, situations can occur that require the standard implementation to be modified. This type of modification is not possible in every case.

Therefore the modules are only described as examples. The modules can be used productively. However, you are not entitled to assistance from SAP support.


You use the modules as follows:

  1. Select a module from the sample modules.
  2. Specify the module in the Modification parameter of the Analysis Web item.
  3. Control the display and behavior of the module by specifying the module-specific parameters.

More information: Using Modifications


The table of the Analysis Web item is displayed in an individual manner using the modules. The behavior of the table may also be different. For example, you can define commands for table cells.


For example, you can define a fixed column width or display comments in cells.

More information:

Example: Set Column Width Module

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