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A portal activity report iView enables you to create and display a variety of reports about the number of users who logged on to the portal, about which users logged on to the portal, and about the number of times specific pages and iViews were visited.

The portal comes with an iView template for creating portal activity report iViews.


The data for each reporting interval is not available until the end of the interval, when the data is aggregated.

For example, if the reporting interval is daily, the portal activity report does not contain information about the current day's activity until after midnight, when the current day's data is aggregated.

GMT Time Zone

The portal nodes within a cluster can be in different time zones, yet the activity data from all nodes are aggregated together and reported together. To enable the reporting of hourly data from different time zones, portal activity reports display hourly data based on the GMT time zone.

For example, portal activity in a single cluster that occurs from 10 to 11 a.m. on a portal node in New York and from 4 to 5 p.m. on a portal node in Frankfurt is reported as occurring between 2 and 3 p.m. GMT. This example assumes daylight savings time.

Solution Manager Diagnostics

The Solution Manager Diagnostics is a tool within the SAP Web Application Server that provides functions for central monitoring and analyzing of the SAP NetWeaver system landscape. Among the tool's features are reports based on the portal activity report data.

You may want to use these reports, which provide more graphical representation of the data, instead of creating portal activity report iViews.

For more information on Solution Manager Diagnostics, see published on SAP site.

  • You have permission to create content in the portal.

  • You have permission to use the portal activity report template.

  • The data collection service is activated. The service is automatically activated when the portal is installed.

    You can check if the data collection is turned on from the Service Configuration page. For more information, see Configuring the Data Collection Service .

  1. Create a portal activity report iView by running the iView Wizard and selecting the Portal Activity Report template. For more information on the iView Wizard, see Launching the iView Wizard and General Information .

  2. Set the type of report for the iView. See Defining the Type of Report .

  3. Set the reporting period for the iView. See Defining the Reporting Period .