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 Example: Configuring How Multiple Chart Types Are Displayed in a ChartLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use quick and simple settings to improve the standard display for multiple chart types in a chart.

In this example, the chart contains a vertical bar chart displaying sales volume, a line chart displaying the percentage of total sales, and a trend line.

  1. Call the Chart Wizard from Web Application Designer or Report Designer.
  2. Configure the first series row as a column chart following the instructions in Example: Configuring How Column Charts Are Displayed .
  3. Configure the second data series as a line chart following the instructions in Example: Configuring How Line Charts Are Displayed .
  4. In the lower window of the line chart, see the vertical axis as secondary.
  5. Select Series1 in the upper window and choose Add Trend Line from the context menu (right mouse click).
  6. If necessary, format the trend line by assigning a color or adjusting the line width.
  7. Choose Finish.

The chart will look something like this: