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 Example: Configuring How Pie Charts Are DisplayedLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use quick and simple settings to improve the standard display for pie charts.

  1. Call the Chart Wizard from Web Application Designer or Report Designer.
  2. Select chart type Pie and choose Refine.

    Pie charts display just one data series. To display multiple data series, use a doughnut chart.

    Pie charts are configured using categories.

  3. In the upper window Overview, select Category1 from Categories.
  4. In the lower window, expand the Area Properties node.
  5. Select the required color.
  6. Select the secondary color as the contrast shade.

    You will not be able to see any changes in the preview.

  7. Set the Gradient to Circular.
  8. Choose Finish.

The pie chart will look something like this: