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 Example: Configuring How Column Charts Are DisplayedLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use quick and simple settings to improve the standard display for column charts.

  1. Call the Chart Wizard from Web Application Designer or Report Designer.
  2. Select chart type Column and choose Refine.
  3. In the upper window Overview, select Series 1from Series.
  4. In the lower window Standard Series, expand the Area Propertiesnode.
  5. Select the required color.
  6. Select the secondary color as the contrast shade.

    You will not be able to see any changes in the preview.


    To obtain good contrast, select a strong color as your main color and a fainter shade as your secondary color.

  7. Set the Gradientto Horizontal Middle.
  8. Repeat these settings (steps 3 to 7) for all required data series.

    The column chart will appear more polished if you set the border color either darker or lighter than the rest of the chart.

    1. To do this, expand the Border Propertiesnode in Standard Series in the lower window.
    2. Choose the color you want to use.
  9. Choose Finish.

The column chart will look something like this: