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The SAP tool BRCONNECT for Oracle databases is used as:

  • A database administration tool, which you can call yourself from the command line

  • A utility tool, which BRBACKUP calls in the background

BRCONNECT is specially designed to administer multischema databases, in which you have more than one SAP system in the same Oracle database:

  • Database administration tool

    As a database administration tool, BRCONNECT has the following functions:

  • Utility tool - monitor database status during a backup

    BRBACKUP starts BRCONNECT during the backup to see if the status of the database corresponds to the backup mode. If you select backup mode online ( backup_type = online), the database remains in this state during the backup.

    If you select backup mode offline ( backup_type = offline or backup_type = offline_force), the database is shut down and remains in the closed state during the backup.

    If the state of the database changes unexpectedly during the backup, BRCONNECT terminates the backup and displays the messages BR0312E or BR0313E. After the backup, the database is always reset to its original status. This means that the database is left started if it was running before the backup, or it is shut down if it was shut down before the backup.

BRCONNECT has many parameters, which you can specify in the Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.sap.


For more information about using BRCONNECT from the command line, see Command Options for BRCONNECT.