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This SAP tool enables you to restore an entire database backup or parts of it, when the backup was performed with BRBACKUP. Any non-database files and directories you saved can also be restored. In the process, the subdirectories in sapdata<n> directories are automatically created, when necessary.

You can also restore the offline redo log files that were backed up with BRARCHIVE. This operation can be performed at the same time as the restore of the corresponding backup.

  • BRRESTORE can run unattended when option -c force is set. The option -c only suppresses the first confirmation prompts for mounting a volume.

  • BRRESTORE uses the BRBACKUP logs and the summary log from BRARCHIVE to decide where to restore the requested file. You can manually specify a different directory as well.

  • One or more incomplete BRRESTORE runs can be completed with the option -f|-fillup. BRRESTORE automatically determines the files to be restored.


BRRESTORE only restores the selected backup. It does not recover the database. To do this, start the recovery afterwards using one of the following:

For more information, see: