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This SAP tool for the Oracle database enables you to archive offline redo log files. For more information about features common to both tools, see Common Features of BRBACKUP and BRARCHIVE.


Make sure that the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap is configured properly and use the appropriate command options for BRARCHIVE.

  • You can also start BRARCHIVE when the database is shut down.

  • You should archive the offline redo log files on tape using BRARCHIVE.

  • In contrast to BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE does not have its own management of tape continuation. When a tape is full, you must restart BRARCHIVE to write to the next volume. But this is not a real restriction due to the capacity of the tapes.

  • For security reasons, we recommend using the option of archiving the offline redo log files to two backup devices in parallel ( brarchive -ss, brarchive -ssd). You can also make this second copy serially (either by restarting BRARCHIVE with brarchive -sc or brachive -scd or by using the option -cs or -cds). See -s|-sc|-ds|-dc|-sd|-scd|-ss|-ssd|-cs|-cds.

  • Use the option -f|-fill to archive the offline redo log files permanently. In this way, you can make sure that the archiving directory does not fill up.

  • To make sure that the offline redo log files are archived smoothly, the summary log must exist in readable form. Do not delete or change any entries in this log.