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The ILM Store Browser allows you to view the archive hierarchy of your system and understand how it maps to the physical storage location of your archived data. As part of an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy, it is an important function that provides you with better control over your archived data and allows you to see detailed information about the location of your archived files and resources.

Implementation Considerations

The ILM Store Browser is meant as a supporting function for anyone who wants to or has archived data using the XML Data Archiving Service.

To be able to access the ILM Store Browser you must have a role that has at least the action ARCH_BROWSER_ACCESS assigned to it (for more information on how to assign actions to roles see Permissions, Actions and UME Roles ). For more information on roles and users for ILM archiving see the configuration information for Data Archiving .


The ILM Store Browser is part of the AS Java. You need a data archiving service (XML DAS) to be able to view a hierarchy. You can access the ILM store browser in two ways:

  • Enter the URL according to the following pattern:

    http://<Host of AS Java>:<HTTP Port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/

  • Use the link provided in the XML DAS Administration .

Viewing an archive hierarchy: You can use the ILM Store Browser to view the archive hierarchy of the XML DAS you are connected to, including details about the collections and resources in the hierarchy. You can also view metadata managed by the data archiving service (XML DAS). The ILM Store Browser can be used as a central tool serving various XML DAS.

Viewing contents of resources: In this version of the ILM Store Browser, you can view the contents of individual XML-typed resources only.

Restricting access to nodes in the archive hierarchy: You can restrict access to specific collections or resources according to users, roles, or groups.

Searching: You can use the search function to locate specific collections and/or resources in the archive hierarchy.

For more information on how to browse the archive hierarchy see Moving About the Archive Hierarchy .

Exporting URIs of the data for work package: Only necessary as part of the licensable ILM solution from SAP.