Start Level 1 Node: SAP NetWeaver Business WarehouseSAP NetWeaver Business WarehouseEnd Level 1 Node: SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
   Start Level 1 Node: Integration, Storage and Management of DataIntegration, Storage and Management of DataEnd Level 1 Node: Integration, Storage and Management of Data
      Start Level 2 Node: Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)End Level 2 Node: Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
      Start Level 2 Node: Data Storage and Data FlowData Storage and Data FlowEnd Level 2 Node: Data Storage and Data Flow
      Start Level 2 Node: Controlling ProcessesControlling ProcessesEnd Level 2 Node: Controlling Processes
      Start Level 2 Node: Information Lifecycle ManagementInformation Lifecycle ManagementEnd Level 2 Node: Information Lifecycle Management
      Start Level 2 Node: Extraction to Downstream SystemsExtraction to Downstream SystemsEnd Level 2 Node: Extraction to Downstream Systems
      Start Level 2 Node: Metadata and DocumentsMetadata and DocumentsEnd Level 2 Node: Metadata and Documents
      Start Level 2 Node: Integration with SAP Enterprise Information ManagementIntegration with SAP Enterprise Information ManagementEnd Level 2 Node: Integration with SAP Enterprise Information Management
   Start Level 1 Node: Analyzing and Planning DataAnalyzing and Planning DataEnd Level 1 Node: Analyzing and Planning Data
      Start Level 2 Node: Online Analytical ProcessingOnline Analytical ProcessingEnd Level 2 Node: Online Analytical Processing
      Start Level 2 Node: BW Integrated PlanningBW Integrated PlanningEnd Level 2 Node: BW Integrated Planning
      Start Level 2 Node: BEx Query DesignerBEx Query DesignerEnd Level 2 Node: BEx Query Designer
      Start Level 2 Node: BW WorkspaceBW WorkspaceEnd Level 2 Node: BW Workspace
      Start Level 2 Node: Analysis Process DesignAnalysis Process DesignEnd Level 2 Node: Analysis Process Design
      Start Level 2 Node: Data MiningData MiningEnd Level 2 Node: Data Mining
   Start Level 1 Node: Tools for Accessing, Visualizing and Distributing DataTools for Accessing, Visualizing and Distributing DataEnd Level 1 Node: Tools for Accessing, Visualizing and Distributing Data
      Start Level 2 Node: BEx Report DesignerBEx Report DesignerEnd Level 2 Node: BEx Report Designer
      Start Level 2 Node: BEx Web Application DesignerBEx Web Application DesignerEnd Level 2 Node: BEx Web Application Designer
      Start Level 2 Node: Data Analysis in BEx Web ApplicationsData Analysis in BEx Web ApplicationsEnd Level 2 Node: Data Analysis in BEx Web Applications
      Start Level 2 Node: BEx AnalyzerBEx AnalyzerEnd Level 2 Node: BEx Analyzer
      Start Level 2 Node: Broadcasting BEx Applications with BEx BroadcasterBroadcasting BEx Applications with BEx BroadcasterEnd Level 2 Node: Broadcasting BEx Applications with BEx Broadcaster
      Start Level 2 Node: Integrating BEx Applications into the PortalIntegrating BEx Applications into the PortalEnd Level 2 Node: Integrating BEx Applications into the Portal
      Start Level 2 Node: Integration with SAP BusinessObjectsIntegration with SAP BusinessObjectsEnd Level 2 Node: Integration with SAP BusinessObjects
   Start Level 1 Node: PerformancePerformanceEnd Level 1 Node: Performance
   Start Level 1 Node: SecuritySecurityEnd Level 1 Node: Security
   Start Level 1 Node: BI ContentBI ContentEnd Level 1 Node: BI Content
   Start Level 1 Node: Overview of the Architecture of SAP NetWeaver BWOverview of the Architecture of SAP NetWeaver BWEnd Level 1 Node: Overview of the Architecture of SAP NetWeaver BW