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During all business activities, companies create data. In all areas of the company, employees use this data as a basis for making decisions. SAP NetWeaver BW allows you to group together and format large amounts of business data in an Enterprise Data Warehouse. By analyzing the data with the BI tools in SAP BEx, supported by Enterprise Planning tools, you can find important information to support the decision-making process in your company. SAP NetWeaver BW therefore helps optimize business processes and enables you to act quickly and in line with the market, creating decisive competitive advantages for your company.

This documentation is written for users who are new to the subject.

Read this documentation if you want to get a quick overview of the main features of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) and SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx). An overview of the key areas is provided. The tools, functions and processes of SAP NetWeaver BW that enable your company to implement a successful Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence strategy are introduced.

Key Components of SAP NetWeaver BW

A complete solution for company-wide data consolidation and decision-making contains various components.SAP NetWeaver BW provides comprehensive tools, functions, and processes for all these areas:

A Data Warehouse integrates, stores, and manages company data from all sources.

If you have an integrated view on the relevant data in the data warehouse, you can start the analysis and planning steps. To provide decisive information from the data in order to improve your business processes, SAP NetWeaver BW provides methods for multidimensional analysis. Business key figures, such as sales quantities or revenue, can be analyzed using different reference objects, such as Product, Customer or Time. Methods for pattern recognition in the dataset (data mining) are also available. SAP NetWeaver BW also allows you to perform planning based on the data in the data warehouse.

Access and visualization tools allow you to display the information you have obtained - together with the business data analyses and planning data - in various levels of details and work environments (Web, Microsoft Excel). They also allow flexible distribution of the information to the various participants in the decision-making process, by e-mail or in a corporate portal for example.

Performance and security also play an important part in terms of providing relevant information for decision-making to the right people at the right time.

Preconfigured information models in BI Content make it possible to implement SAP NetWeaver BW efficiently and cost-effectively.

Integration of SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BEx with SAP BusinessObjects expands the capabilities of both of them in terms of Data Warehousing and in terms of reporting and analysis.

The following sections provide an overview of the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BEx in these areas. To find out more about the tools, functions and processes provided by SAP NetWeaver BW, follow the links in the documentation.

More Information

You can find direct links to detailed documentation about the tasks, processes, functions and tools in SAP NetWeaver BW under SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.