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Knowing the different stages of the application lifecycle and the deployment details can help you correctly anticipate the application behavior.

Application Startup Modes

To decrease the initial load on the AS Java and to minimize its startup time at each restart, you should use the most appropriate startup modes for your applications.

More information: Application Startup Modes

Application Statuses

During a deployment operation over an application, this application changes its status. Depending on the status some restrictions over the application usage exist due to limited availability of the application functions.

More information: Application Statuses

Deployment Operations

When the user (a human being, an application, a container) performs an action over an application, the application status changes.

More information: Deployment Operations

Parallel Deployment

Parallel Deployment allows several online deployment operations to run simultaneously. As a result, it scales deployments in an AS Java cluster, and improves the performance of the online deployment operations.

More information:

Parallel Deployment