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 Adjusting Classes, Interfaces, Web Dynpros and Function GroupsLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Start the Enhancement Information System from the Object Navigator (transaction SE80) or transaction SPAU_ENH.
  2. Choose Enhancements (Upgrade View) to display a list of the enhancements to be adjusted.
  3. Select the enhancement implementation which contains the enhancement of your class, interface, Web Dynpro component, or function group.
  4. Select the Adjustment tab page.
  5. Go through the conflicts listed in the ALV by double-clicking each entry.
  6. Remove all name clashes by renaming or deleting the Enhancement Implementation Element.
  7. Mark the enhancement implementation as adjusted  by choosing the Adjust Enhancement Implementation pushbutton.

    All conflicts that can be solved automatically (green traffic light) will be adjusted automatically.

  8. Save and activate the enhancement implementation.