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You can use the Display/Change Integration Data transaction to set automatic monitoring by the database Alert Monitor and to delete DBA action logs, among other things.


Automatic Monitoring for SAP liveCache technology is described separately.


    1. In the Database Assistant, choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Display/Change Integration Data End of the navigation path (transaction DB11).

    2. Enter the name of the database connection.

    3. To be able to change integration information, you must be in change mode. Switch to this mode, if necessary.

    4. Check the information about the database connection ( Database Name and Database Server) for completeness and accuracy.

    5. Choose Automatic Monitoring.

    6. Make your chosen settings in the areas described below.

    7. Choose Save Connection.

  • Deactivating the Alert Monitor

    If the database Alert Monitor is activated then Activate Alert Monitor is highlighted.

    To deactivate the database Alert Monitor, deselect Activate Alert Monitor. This change to the database connection takes immediate effect. You can remove the corresponding node from the alert monitoring tree manually.

    To reactivate the database Alert Monitor, proceed as described in Database Alert Monitor.

  • Reporting Critical Alerts

    Select Report Critical Alerts when starting the Database Assistant if critical database states are to be displayed immediately in a separate dialog window.

    Deselect this if you do not require critical database states to be displayed in this way.

  • Deleting DBA Action Logs Automatically

    You can specify when the DBA log files are to be deleted from the database host and from the database (table SDBCCMS).

    Select the option In the database host and in the DB after….weeks in Deleting DBA Action Logs Automatically.

    Enter the number of weeks (more than 4) to elapse before the DBA action logs are automatically deleted.

    More information: DBA Action Logs, DBA Cockpit, DBA History, Database Assistant, DBA History

  • Deactivating Automatic Monitoring

    You can deactivate all automatic monitoring procedures.

    To do so, choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Deactivate Automatic Monitoring End of the navigation path.