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To make it easier to schedule actions such as data backups, updating Optimizer statistics and checking database structures, the DBA Planning Calendar offers you predefined action patterns.

Once you choose a particular action pattern, the activities are entered into the DBA Planning Calendar on the corresponding dates. The background jobs that perform these activities are also automatically scheduled, including the appropriate repeat intervals.


  1. Open the DBA Planning Calendar.
  2. Choose Select Pattern
  3. The dialog box Add Action Pattern appears with a list of the default action patterns. Each of the available action patterns contains specific actions corresponding to important areas of the planning concept. Examples of Action Patterns:

    MON-FRI: DataBackup, SUN: UpdAllStats

    MON-FRI: DataBackup, SAT: CheckTables, SUN: UpdAllStats

    MON-THU: IncrBackup, FRI: DataBackup, SAT: CheckTables, SUN: UpdAllStats

    Select the required action pattern.

  4. Choose Continue.

    If necessary, you can change the repeat pattern for each action in the action pattern. Set the action parameters, where necessary.

    You can navigate between actions in the action plan with Forward or Back.

  5. Once you have made your selection for all actions in the action plan, confirm your entries with Save.


The activities of an action pattern are entered automatically in the DBA Planning Calendar. The SAP system schedules background jobs for these activities. All background jobs are scheduled to be repeated for the specified period.

After accepting an action pattern, the system checks the individual scheduled activities for conflicts with other scheduled activities. If no conflicts are found, the schedule is displayed.

If there are conflicts between the action pattern you have chosen and activities that are already scheduled in the DBA Planning Calendar, the system displays a list of the conflicts. No plans are activated if there are conflicts. Review and eliminate the conflicts before trying to choose the action pattern again. You can eliminate the conflicts by either changing the action pattern's execution time or the scheduled time of any conflicting existing plans.

Check the planning and the results of the actions in the DBA Planning Calendar.