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In the Memory Areas user menu, you can find, among other things, a display of the database fill level.


Open the Database Assistant (transaction code DB50) or the liveCache Assistant (transaction code LC10). Choose Start of the navigation path Current Status Next navigation step Memory Areas Next navigation step Data Area End of the navigation path.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and choose Start of the navigation path Space Next navigation step Data Area End of the navigation path.


The display contains the following information:

  • Total Size

    Size of the data area

  • Used Area

    Memory actually used in data area

  • Permanently Used Area

    Memory used by permanent data in the data area (SQL data, and for for SAP liveCache technology also OMS data and references to undo log entries).

  • Temporarily Used Area

    Memory used by temporary data in the data area (for SAP liveCache technology, this includes data that belongs to consistent views and was displaced from the OMS heap)

  • Free Area

    Available memory in the data area

  • Number of data pages changed since the last data backup.

    This value indicates the number of pages that an immediate incremental data backup would include.


SAP liveCache Technology: You can also configure volumes for an SAP liveCache. To do so, use the SAP liveCache-specific user menu Configure Volumes.

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