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Setting Tool-Independent Environment Variables for Database ManagerLocate this document in the navigation structure


To enable Database Manager to access the variables it needs on the database computer, or to force Database Manager to export environment variables before it calls a backup tool, you must define these environment variables with the help of Database Manager CLI.

You can set these environment variables for each backup tool. The values you define here override any values defined for the variables in the environment or in the configuration file of the backup tool.

  • If you want to override the environment variable TEMP or TMP, proceed as described in Setting TEMP or TMP.

  • If you want to define timeouts for third-party backup tools, proceed as described under Setting DBM_TTO_SUCCESS and DBM_TTO_FAILURE.

    In this way, you can define the time after which the backup tool should terminate the backup after all the data has been copied to the pipe(s)), or how long it should wait before interrupting the backup if an error occurs.

    If you set these parameters, you override the values defined for TIMEOUT_SUCCESS and/or TIMEOUT_FAILURE in the Backint for SAP MaxDB configuration file.

  • If you want to define time-outs for the database kernel when using third-party backup tools, proceed as described under Setting DBM_KTO_SUCCESS and DBM_KTO_FAILURE.

    In this way, you can define how much time the database kernel should have to terminate after the backup tool has terminated, or after which period of time the action should be cancelled if an error occurs.