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Here you set exceptions for displaying erroneous objects that are not relevant for your analysis. Objects that you have classified as an exception are not displayed in the results area for further analysis once the test program has been run successfully.

  1. On the main menu, choose Settings → Exceptions.

    The View Maintenance of BI Content Checks view appears.


    You can only make new entries and settings in change mode in the detail view.


    All settings you make here only take effect when the field Hide Exceptions is active under Settings  → Global Defaults.

  2. Assign the following keys to the required entry:
    • Object type (TLOGO)
    • Object name
    • Category (check category)
  3. Using the Checked and Exception column to designate the object that is to be treated as an exception by the BI Content Analyzer from now on. To do this, activate one of the two columns.
    • Checked: The error is known and will be rectified soon. The selected object will only be displayed in the results area of the BI Content Analyzer once four weeks have passed since the last time the check program was run, as long as the error still exists.
    • Exception: general exception. The selected object is no longer displayed in the results area.
  4. Compile a note about how to handle the object in the Message or Comment column.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 if you wish to treat other objects as exceptions.