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The individual monitoring tree elements (MTEs) of the Alert Monitor are assigned methods. These methods determine the data collection of the MTEs (data collection methods) and the possible reactions to an alert in the MTE (auto-reaction and analysis methods). You can find out the assigned methods by selecting an MTE and choosing Properties. This method is very time-consuming for obtaining an overview of the assigned methods for the MTEs of an entire monitor. The technical view Method Allocation exists as an alternative for this purpose. This view displays the method assignments for the MTEs of the entire monitor:

  • ·        Assigned data collection method: If the MTE is assigned an active data supplier, the system will display <no method> in the corresponding column, as the active data suppliers are not defined in the monitoring architecture
  • ·        Assigned auto-reaction method
  • ·        Assigned analysis method

    ·         The nodes are always colored green in the technical view Method Allocation; as it contains no alert information.

    ·         Summary nodes or monitoring objects can always be assigned methods; these assignments only take effect for the subordinate monitoring attributes, which can inherit their method assignment from the superordinate nodes.

    ·         If no analysis or auto-reaction method is assigned to the MTE, <no method> is displayed in the corresponding column here.


To activate the Central Method Allocation technical view, follow the procedure below:

  1. 1.      Choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor, or call transaction RZ20.
  2. 2.      Expand the monitor set that contains the monitor that you require, and choose Load Monitor.
  3. 3.      Choose Views → Method Allocation. The alert tree now no longer displays the alert status and reported values, but information about the methods assigned to the MTEs of the monitor.