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In the Configure view you can view, set and unset properties for a specific archiving set . First select the desired archiving set from the dropdown list under Archiving Set:

  • Adding Properties: Choose Add Properties to set an additional property for the archiving set you selected. Then use the dropdown list of the Property Name field in the table to choose the appropriate property. There is one default property provided by the XML Archive API for Java and one property that can be set or unset:
    • AHOME - Home Path: This property is a permanent property and cannot be added or deleted. It is only possible to change its value by manually entering a different home path in the Property Value field for this property. Note that it is recommended that you maintain the following format for your home path: /<SYSID>/<archiving set>/.
    • WSTART - write even if broken: If this property is set for a specific archiving set, you can run additional write sessions for that archiving set, even if failed write sessions exist for this archiving set. If the property is not set and a failed session exists for an archiving set, then you are not permitted to run any other write sessions for this archiving set.

    You can also define as many additional properties for a given archiving set as you like, using the Add Propertiesfunction. A new line is inserted into the properties table. Enter the information of the property you want to add.

    Choose Save to save the changes you have made to the archiving set property.

    It may be possible that the application offers additional properties that are not named here.

  • Removing Properties: Select the table row of the property you want to remove and choose Remove Property.  If you are removing the WSTART property and failed write sessions still exist for the archiving set you selected, a warning appears. If failed write sessions exist and your remove the property you will not be able to execute another write session for that archiving set as long as the failed sessions exist. Choose Continue or Cancel, depending on your requirements.