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In the Monitoring view you can check the progress and status of archiving sessions and view detailed information about the sessions. You can also cancel running sessions.

After you have started a write or delete session, go to the Archiving Monitor view to check that the sessions were completed and to see detailed information about the sessions.

Checking the progress of a write or delete session

After you start or schedule a write or delete session, it appears in the archiving sessions table of the Archiving Monitor view. Here you can see the status of the session, which archiving set it belongs to, the session comment (provided by the application), as well as how many resources have actually been written or deleted, and the user that started the write and delete sessions. You can also branch to the Log details, to view detailed information about the progress of the session. (See also Hierarchy , for information about the logs.)

  • Refresh: If you have started a write or delete session, but it has not yet appeared in the archiving session table, or if the write or delete session is still running, choose Refresh to update the table and view the progress of the session.
  • Remove Session: You can remove selected sessions from the monitor table if they are no longer needed, or to reduce the size of the table. This function only removes sessions from the Monitor view, and does not affect the archive hierarchy in any way.
  • Cancel Session: You can cancel selected sessions before they are completed. In the case of a write session, the data of those resources that have already been written can be deleted. If you want to finish archiving the data that was not written, due to the cancellation of the session, you must start a new archiving session. To delete the remaining data from the database after you have cancelled a delete session, start a new delete session.
  • Legend: Choose the Legend pushbutton on the right side of the table, to see an explanation of the different statuses of an archiving session. (See also Hierarchy for a detailed description of the statues).

Setting filters and configuring the archiving sessions table

You can organize the table and set filters to fit your requirements using the standard WebDynpro ALV functions on the right side of the table:

 (Filter): This function allows you to set filters on the archiving session table. If your table is very large, for example, you can use the filter to only see the archiving sessions of one particular archiving object. For more information see Filtering the List .

 (Table Settings): This function allows you to add or remove columns from the archiving sessions table according to the information you need to see about your archiving sessions. You can also change the sort order of the table, make settings for summarization of statistical data, change the table display in general, and make settings for printing the information in the table. For more information see List Functions .


Per default the archiving sessions in the table are organized according to their status and are listed in the following order:

  1. Running
  2. Scheduled
  3. Failed
  4. Incomplete
  5. Completed