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The term “business continuity” describes the efforts to ensure that critical business functions will be continuously available for clients, customers, suppliers and other entities. Achieving business continuity requires a lot of considerations, which comprise various aspects like business case, managing the technical environment, operational measures, technical and configuration aspects etc. This documentation focuses on the following:

  • High availability for operating systems in an SAP environment

  • Database-specific tools and strategies for business continuity that you can use in an SAP environment


Business continuity is a technically complex area, and implementation considerations vary according to the nature of your system setup. This documentation is primarily intended to illustrate the available possibilities. We cannot offer you a tailor-made high-availability solution because you must develop this according to the individual requirements of your business. Therefore, for technical guidance when developing a high-availability strategy or when implementing a specific product or feature, contact the appropriate source, such as your SAP consultant, your hardware supplier, or the SAP Competence Center.

More Information

For more information about business continuity in general in SAP environments, see the SAP Business Continuity Guide at published on SAP site.