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 Creating Tables and Table FieldsLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Open the Repository Browser (transaction code SE80) and navigate to the package in which you want to create the database table.
  2. In the context menu of the package, choose Create → Dictionary Object → Database Table.

    A new dialog box appears.

  3. In the dialog box, enter the name of the database table and choose  with the quick info text Continue.

    The maintenance screen for the table appears.

  4. Enter an explanatory short text in the Short text field.

    You can find the table at a later time using this short text, for example.

  5. On the Delivery and Maintenance tab, enter the delivery class of the table.

    On this tab, choose an entry from the dropdown box for the Data Browser/Table View Maint. field. Choose Display/Maintenance Allowed on this tab page if users with the corresponding authorization can change the data in the table using the Data Browser (transaction code SE16).

  1. On the maintenance screen for the table, select the Fields tab page.
  2. Enter the table fields. Perform the following steps for each table field:
    1. Enter a name for the table field in the Field column.

      The field name must contain only letters, digits and underlining, and it must begin with a letter. A field name must not be longer than 16 characters.

    2. Select the Key column if the field must be part of the table key.
    3. You can enter the attributes data type, length, decimal places and short description in two ways:
      1. If you choose the Predefined type, you can enter the name of an existing data element in the Data element field. In this case, the field takes the data type, length, decimal places and short description from this data element. If there is no suitable data element, you can go to the data element maintenance screen by entering a name and double-clicking on it.
      2. If you choose Data element, you can directly enter the data type, length, decimal places and short description.

        Only a limited functionality is provided for fields without data elements. No foreign keys or fixed values can be defined for such fields, and there is no F1 help.

  3. You must also define the reference field and reference table on the Currency/Quantity fields tab page, for fields of types CURR (currency) and QUAN (quantity)

You also can include the fields of an existing structure in the table. For more information, see Inserting an Include .


When you insert an include, the field names in the structure must not be longer than 16 places.