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The delta cache process allows you to add specific data for a request to the cache. This means that you do not need to read all data for the query from the database when the data basis changes. Whether the data is read directly from the database or from the cache does not have any impact on the query results.

InfoCubes are suited to the delta cache process because their request ID can be used to identify which entries have been added.

The following figure illustrates the principle using two new requests for an InfoCube; these requests are additionally read for a query request and are copied to the cache.

In this example, requests 4-5 from the InfoCube are read in addition to requests 1-3, which are stored in the cache.


The cache still has to be rebuilt when:

  • changes are made to metadata, master data, hierarchies, or exchange rates
  • InfoProviders are not suited to the delta cache process
  • InfoProviders have been compressed