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The following section describes the most important elements of the Alert Monitor and their relationships to each other.


When you start transaction RZ20, the system first displays the monitor sets available to you. These monitor sets group the monitors.

A monitor set usually consists of different monitors. A monitor is a collection of monitoring tree elements (MTEs) in a hierarchical structure that deliver information for a particular aspect of system management.

The hierarchical structure of a monitor is the alert monitoring tree. In this tree, you can check the status of your IT system landscape. The MTEs are nodes of this tree, where the root node also has the name of the monitor.

Different MTEs are Elements of the Alert Monitoring Tree: monitoring summary nodes, monitoring objects, and monitoring attributes. Monitoring summary nodes (summary MTEs) provide a better overview in the tree, without performing a monitoring function themselves.

A monitoring object represents a component of your IT environment that you want to monitor (such as the CPU of a server or background processing), while a monitoring attribute displays a value, status, or text that is reported for this object (for example, the CPU utilization during the last 15 minutes).

If a value that deviates from the norm is reported for a monitoring attribute, the Alert Monitor generates an alert. The conditions under which an alert is generated, the criticality of the alert, or which message is assigned to an MTE - all of these are properties of an MTE.

In addition to its properties, an MTE has methods: the data collection method allows the collection of information about the MTE, the auto-reaction method and analysis method are executed as a reaction to an alert.

To simplify Customizing, the properties and methods do not need to be edited for each MTE individually: There are attribute groups for attributes, and MTE classes for objects.

Operation and Customizing of the Elements of the Alert Monitor