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Making the Standby Database the Active DatabaseLocate this document in the navigation structure

  • You have set up a standby database.

    More information: Standby Database

  • The standby database has not been in the ONLINE operational state since it was last initialized.

  1. In the original database, perform a log backup (if still possible).

    More information:

  2. In the standby database, import all the log backups from the original database that have not been imported yet.

    More information:

  3. Start the standby database.

    More information:

  4. Update the system tables.

    More information:

  5. If necessary, recreate any damaged indexes.

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  6. Make a complete data backup of the standby database.

    More information:

    Database Studio, Backing Up Data


You can now use the former standby database as your active database.

To turn the old original database into a new standby database, initialize the old original database and then proceed as described in Standby Database.