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SAP-DEFAULT is a monitoring properties variant that contains the SAP default values for the properties of all monitoring tree elements (MTEs).


You can use SAP-DEFAULT as a template for creating your own properties variants for specific MTEs in your system. You cannot change or delete the settings in SAP-DEFAULT.


The advantage of the SAP-DEFAULT properties variant is that you do not need to define a specific value for every single MTE in your properties variant(s). If you do not specify a value of your own for an MTE, the SAP-DEFAULT values are always used.

User-defined properties variants are not affected by new SAP-DEFAULT values during an upgrade. This means that both the newest SAP default values and your own user settings are available in the system. You can therefore always return to SAP-DEFAULT if you unintentionally change the values delivered by SAP in the system, and use SAP-DEFAULT as a reference for the values recommended by SAP.

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