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Activating Automatic Database StartLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can configure your system so that the database, global listener and X servers (database communication servers necessary for remote communication) are started automatically when the database computer is started and are stopped automatically when it is shut down.


  • Microsoft Windows
    1. Activate the automatic database start when you create the database.

      More information:

      The system sets the Startup Type for the database kernel service, the global listener and the X servers to Automatic.

      More information: Glossary, Service

    2. To activate or deactivate the automatic database start later, use Database Manager CLI.

      More information: Database Manager CLI, db_reg

  • Unix and Linux
    1. Write a start script.

      More information: Example: Start Script for a Database (Linux)

    2. Create symbolic links to the start script in the necessary Runlevel directories.

      For more information about starting programs automatically, see your operating system documentation.